About us

We have been making holiday dreams come true for over 45 years! Our family-run company is a name you can trust for quality and consistency. We have been awarded the Swiss Tourism Federation quality label and as the largest private provider of holiday properties in Switzerland, we guarantee you quality and service.

From us you will receive comprehensive and professional service, all from a single source. We offer everything from equipping and maintaining the properties to classifying, monitoring and continuously optimizing them.

For those who are interested in buying a property, we recommend our well qualified sister company Christoffel Bautreuhand AG. We are pleased to support those interested in acquiring a holiday property and help them expand the range of excellent accommodation options in Davos.

We owe a huge vote of thanks to our property owners for their valuable and ongoing cooperation. Together we provide quality accommodation and value creation in our region. We aim to show our owners that making a profit by letting out their property is achievable without too much trouble or hard work on their part.
If you are thinking about letting your apartment as a holiday rental, we will gladly assist you with valuable tips gleaned from many years of experience. You won’t need to do a thing – we take all the work off your hands from cleaning the apartment to producing Davos Klosters Cards for your guests. We also keep you updated at all times on bookings for your property.

With our extensive range of around 250 apartments we are sure to have the perfect one for an unforgettable holiday experience. We are also available to assist you around the clock, so we can offer all the services you require.

The success of every company depends on its employees. A good 40 people work for us behind the scenes, dealing with your requirements. We have also successfully helped 40 apprentices to start their careers and are very proud of this future-oriented achievement.

Our team

Eva Marty
The junior boss at Christoffel
Born in Davos, Eva has joined the family company and wants to continue the Christoffel quality label. Even as a young girl she used to earn her pocket money by cleaning the holiday properties, so she knows a lot about the business. She obtained an MA/MBA in Communication, Tourism and Services from the University of St.Gallen. After that she returned to Graubünden, where she most recently managed a spa and wellness centre in Alvaneu-Bad with 60 employees. The young mother wants to bring fresh impetus to the company with her motto “Raising the bar”.


Tanja Caspar
the boomerang in the Christoffel team
As a native from Davos and mother of 2 teenies, Tanja Caspar supports us in a part-time job in our office. She acquired her commercial skills from 1991 to 1993 in our company. Best compliment for us is to be able to welcome former employees back to us, as is the case with Tanja. In her spare time, Tanja likes to be physically active in nature – be it by bike or cross-country skis. Holidays in nature and in caravans are also her hobbies. Tanja helps you to fulfill your holiday wishes and is looking forward to your call.


Daniela Geronimi
the southerner in the Christoffel team
As a power woman Daniela supports us in a part-time job. With her mediterranean charm she already gives holiday mood. She has already skillfully demonstrated her commercial skills. Is Daniela not in the office, then she is on the skis, in nature or traveling with the family.


Margrith Felix
troubleshooter in the Christoffel team
Margrith Felix has spent 12 years with verve and success the holiday home Bernina, with over 100 beds. She knows the customer’s wishes in a very practical way and has a broad background as a householder. In 2018, after her early retirement, Margrith helps us in difficult situations again and again and is actively on our side. Tell her your apartment wishes – she knows as a Davoserin the area and our apartment offer very well.


Marlies Büchi
the hearty one in the Christoffel team
Marlies is at home in business and tourism. Among other things, Marlies put herself to the test at various destinations and then decided on the best one – Davos Klosters. As a Bernese who moved here many years ago, she knows all about the advantages of Davos and is happy to serve you with a charming Bernese dialect. Her hobbies include family, hiking, biking and the gymnastics club.


Tina Flütsch
the energetic in the Christoffel team
After successfully completing her commercial apprenticeship in tourism with us, with a cantonal award and a short break, Tina is back on board with us. In addition to her training as a farming specialist and taking over her parents’ farm, Tina is again at our side part-time. As a farmer’s daughter, she knows how to lend a hand and is not above any work. With her charming demeanor, she is happy to help with various concerns. Her hobbies are: sports in general, reading and of course the farm.


Tamara Hoffman
the curly-rocking career changer in the Christoffel team

Tamara now juggles our numbers in the back office instead of cocktail bottles and wine glasses. After 20 years in gastronomy business, the Grisons ventured into accounting. In her  free time you can meet the mum of 2 boys outside in the nature. Be it on horseback, jogging or socializing with family and friends on her own alp in Davos.


Lena Milosevic
the dormant pole in the Christoffel team – in training
The contact with people and communication led Lena to a commercial apprenticeship in tourism. Lena, who grew up in Davos, is spot on with us and she will be happy to help make your holiday wishes come true in Davos. Her hobbies are skiing, ice skating and dancing.


Mika Khadra
“the only men at a hen party” in the Christoffel team – in training

Having grown up in Davos, the former secondary school student decided to do a commercial apprenticeship in tourism. Mika likes customer contact and working on the computer. He is happy to let Lena show him the various tasks and supports the team in fulfilling the guests’ wishes. In his free time, Mika regularly does weight training and plays basketball.


Paula Christoffel – our founder
the former senior boss at Christoffel

Has been in business for 50 years. Former air hostess at Swissair. With a mother from western Switzerland and a father from Davos, she is equally at home in both languages and cultures, and speaks German, French, English and Italian. She is the one who for over 40 years has ensured that guests feel comfortable in their holiday apartments. The name “Christoffel” is an obligation and a guarantee of ongoing quality. Our former senior boss is now enjoying the pension she deserves.